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Launching of Timeline Monitoring Reports

Launching of Graphical Representation of Network Tree

EDMARK QATAR Celebrated its 3rd Year Anniversary

Date:    September 14, 2010
Venue:     Edmark Office – Doha, State of Qatar
By: Jeff Dulay and SM Jozel Jerez

Surprising the Middle East Market just after  the Ramadan, Edmark Qatar Celebrated its 3rd  year anniversary with much fun. The event was  held at the Doha Branch Office Al Abdulghani  Building a few meters away from the Mowasalat  Public Transportation Bus Terminal.

The training room and the hallway was packed  with new comers and members as the program  started. It was emceed by Sapphire Manager Susan Tabujara.  Diamond Manager Amando Cabral lead the Christian prayer.  Danced energizer as common to the culture and  tradition of Edmark gave a big surprise to  the new comers but fun to  seasoned Edmarkers  who gamely danced. Jeff Dulay wows everyone by leading the dance energizer and all  Edmarkers dance with joy.

The company milestone was presented next via  audio visual presentation. Sapphire Manager Jozel Jerez  gave a brief welcome remarks by highlighting  his experiences with Edmark since he joined  last February 2010 and encouraging new comers  to see the opportunity being offered by  Edmark and the transformation it can give to  a person.

Crown Manager Fe Lanzon formally presented the Bubble-C  Product followed by Crown Manager  Imee Acosta with the  CoCollagen. Product testimonies from Manager  Lanie Lapinig & Diamond Manager Ms. Nenita Cabral was heard  culminating to the inspirational messages  from all the Crown and Diamond Managers  present. CM Ms. Fe Lanzon, Mr. & Mrs. Acosta  and DM Mr. Amando Cabral one  after the other described what they have  received from Edmarks profit sharing, cars  received and realty properties they have  acquired all because of Edmark.

After the announcement from Mr. Rene Lloren,  food were served to everybody and surely it  was a fullfiling time to get together and say  hello to one another.

For another year of existence, Edmark Qatar  has been tested from all the many challenges  from all fronts, most specially competition  was high in the market. Edmark in itself prides a good and tested  system and marketing plan.

Thanks to the loyal leaders who see’s the  visions and the future of Edmark Qatar, the  company goes even stronger for another coming years.

The system works for those who believes and  it becomes their ally. There’s an old saying  that explains it all, build once and build  deep, plant varieties of fruit bearing trees  and plant many. Once this fruit bearing trees  started to bear the fruits it will give you  as much as you wish in every season for a  lifetime.

Hosted by Sapphire Manager  Ms. Susan Tabujara, Registration by Ruby Manager Ms. Czarina Almero, Lights & Sound Mr.  Rico Alsado & Mr. Alexander Co. Cameran man  Mr. Jeff Dulay. Food arrangement Sapphire Manager Mr. Lusito  Damaso. Decoration by       RRJ Qatar. Over all in  charge Mr. Rene Lloren.

We would like to thanks our Mighty Creator for all the blessings and opportunities. To all our supportive Edmark Leaders in Doha. To the Company especially to our Beloved Chairman Mr. Sam Low. Thank you very much and God Bless us All.

See you all at the Top!


Date:   August 27, 2010
Venue:  Prestige Restaurant Function Hall

Nine candidates of the prestigious Edmark’s Educational System (EES), Speakership Training Program (STP) finally graduated and recognized by Edmark International Qatar Branch.  Four belongs to batch 4 and five of the candidates are batch 5 members.

The night’s event at the function hall of Prestige Restaurant along the busy Airport Road was filled with jubilant Edmarkers and the event served as a reunion for leaders. Crown Manager Alison Reyes of Dubai was the night guest speaker and motivator. CM Alison has been a person with a negative perspective about the Multi Level Marketing Business earlier in his life, a religious vendor of his own salty egg business as a side line while working as Civil Engineer to makes life easier for him.  When the global crisis was felt by the Emirates Nation, he decided to make Edmark a try and become who he is today.

Batch four consisted of RM Ferdinand Tulay, Mgr. Robert Impaz, Mgr. Romeo Balgoa and Richard Akoyon a supervisor. Batch five class were SM Ronnie Tabujara and his wife SM Susan Tabujara,  SM Jo Florizel Jerez, Mgr. Emmanuel Caagoy and Spv. Melchor Llorin. CM Imee Colonia-Acosta administered the oath taking ceremony of the successful STP graduates.

For Mr. Rene Lloren, it has been a challenge for the Qatar Branch to create more leaders for the sustainability of the company and the vision to develop new leaders emerges successfully.  For Qatar Edmarkers and the current leaders, the night event was a real empowerment. Achievers for the month of July were recognized roll calling Senior Distributors and Supervisors by SM Lusito Damaso & RM Czarina Almero.

When the new managers were called in to the stage, Mgr Lanie Lapinig & Mgr Emmanuel Caagoy emerged and both beaming with honor. DM couples Amando & Nenita Cabral awarded the certificate and the manager’s pin. The culmination comes to everyone’s attention when the new Sapphire Manager was announced, System SM Jo Florizel Jerez step up to the flat form and received by CM Alison Reyes and CM Fe Lanzon standing on both side awarding the certificate and the SM Pin respectively.

Batch 4 presented a short comedy skit to the delight of every one. Batch 5 follows also with a presentation singing “Walk with faith in your heart” a timely message to every body to do the business and believed that you’ll go victorious in life.

With this new trend of events, Edmark Qatar will again step forward to where it was once before as the leader of sales in theMiddle east. The energy was back, challenges overcome and new minds and experiences surely will put us back in the map again.

(Photographed by Rico Alsado, Emcee’s: Rene Lloren & Mgr Miles Ngoaban)

Qatar 6th Goals Setting Seminar

6TH GSS-QATAR-revised


By: Mr. Aries Mosaso
Photos by : Mr. Rico Alzado & Jeffry Dulay

Edmark Qatar, one of the established branch by EDMARK International, since it’s inception two years back have developed leaders involving them into different areas of networking  from prospecting down to selling of the products. For a period of saturating the entire market towards different nationalities the company put no end in expanding the opportunities in other countries like Africa as shared last March 08, 2010 by one of Edmark’s finest and enthusiastic consultant Mr.Dennis Evangelista . The event hosted was to encourage existing leaders and would be members to once again regain the involvement of their business partners in doing the edmark business , in his talk he have emphasized the truth about the compensation plan of edmark that apart from selling and prospecting ,the company is geared towards unifying relationship among individuals of different respects , he also thought that the industries growth have set so much implication over the economy of people and nations so when somebody considers MLM business , one must take into consideration the three most important elements of the business which are as follows ; firstly the company itself – whether it is a legitimate one , secondly  the people who composed the organization and lastly the products if its speaks effective results when it is used by people .Along with these orientation the compensation have meet so much of people expectations leading towards the fulfillment of their dreams as he was able to witnessed from Africa during its 1st International Convention, the awarding of 17 cars to different recipients in one day . The advent of Edmark in most African countries where business has been already built have brought so much opportunities to all people even in terms of employing other nationalities .

Mr. Dennis have further his idea as experienced speaker , he emphasized that in order to thrive with these industry first they must form a big dream in order to turn theirselves to be very productive hence the moment a person is driven by his will to become successful whatever it takes he / she will look forward towards his reaching of goals and vision just what do Nigerians and Ghanians possess , as per say by Mr. Dennis , Edmark opportunity is very passionate because the idea connotes a very dynamic relationship of involvement and evolvement thus he also highlighted that only in edmark where u can truly find the equal opportunity for people that even you are not a professional you can be one of those topmost person qualifying for your own car and house , he also added from his experience being a resource speaker for the past long years of his life he is discerned that the industry of wellness is the best tool to realize that while you are becoming so concern with your health you are fulfilling your future .

On the other hand Mr. Joey Urquia – President of Edmark International, have further his idea of demonstrating the transformation that most are experiencing in this business ,firstly he shared his life being an edmarker that nothing surmounts the blessing to inspire people of which only thru his Edmark life he was able to reconnect with people and also by touching lives of other nationalities . The entire event went so tremendous and felt positivity was again in place , he also thought the 3 most important elements to consider being an edmarker , first is L for LOVE next is P for PASSION and lastly G for GRATITUDE . Once again thank you for keeping yourself in faith that EDMARK QATAR will rise and will provide more opportunities. FEEL GOOD NOW.